Music from the Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Premiere

The Shivers

Featured Artist: The Shivers follow: @TheShiversNYC

Teen Mom 2 – Airdate: February 18, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face

(Theme Song)

Lights & Motion – Home

(scene: Janelle lays in bed with her boyfriend talking about probation)

 Lights & Motion – Ghosts

(scene: Catch Up with Maci)

Automatic Empire – Everything is Changing

(scene: Jenelle and her mother leave the restaurant)

Luftshanasia – Small Price

(scene: JO talks to his Dad and Brother about a fight with Kailyn)

The Shivers – So Long Woman

(scene: Leah lays on the couch)

The Jealous Sound – This is Where It Starts

(scene: Jenelle and Tori talk about Keifer getting out of prison)

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes – Follow Me Home

(scene: Jenelle talks to the Jeremy about slowing down)

Ari Hest – Cranberry Lake

(scene: Kailyn talks to Javi about what she’s going to do about her situation with JO)

Jennifer O’Connor – Why Don’t You Do?

(scene: Chelsea plays with her daughter)

Hearts and Daggers – Barely Holding On

(Closing Montage)

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