Music from the Teen Mom 2 Season 4 Finale


Featured Artist: Window View

Teen Mom 2Airdate: April 29, 2013

Tim Cullen – Face

(Theme Song)

Luftshansia – Cold Feet

(scene: Recap of the whole season)

Ari Hest – The Fire Plays

(scene: Leah talks Jeremy about her daughters)

The Dandelion War – The Wanderer’s and Their Shadows

(scene: Voice over of Jenelle talking about her mom and Mike walking into her house)

We Shot the Moon – Love and Fear

(scene: Kailyn, Javi, and Isaac leave for the wedding)

Courrier – Morning Light

(scene: Kailyn and Javi get married at the courthouse)

Accents – Divide

(scene: Voice over of Chelsea saying that her dad is trying to get her to stay on top of going to classes)

Hearts and Daggers – Afraid of Everything

(scene: Ali goes for her test)

Ocean Is Theory – Twenty Nine Eleven

(scene: Jenelle’s mom goes to meet her in jail)

Hearts and Daggers – Middle of the Ocean

(scene: Ali’s doctor tells Leah and Corey they are closer to finding out exactly what is wrong with Ali)

Maggie Eckford – Don’t Ask Me

(scene: Chelsea explains through voice over that she is going to go to bed early so she’s not late for class)

Frankel – Tested & Approved

(scene: Kailyn meets Jo to tell him that shes married)

The Slow Show – Falling Slow

(scene: End of scene: Kailyn tells Jo she’s married)

The Dandelion War – Kahlo

(scene: Jenelle is released from the emergency room)

Papermaps – Wait for Me

(scene: Chelsea leaves for class with Aubee)

Bootstraps – FortyFive

(scene: Chelsea styles the hair on a mannequin and talks to her friend)

The Dandelion War – Jailbird

(scene: Jenelle and Keiffer press charges on Barbra and Mike)

Mojo Arcade – Far and Near

(scene: Javi puts Isaac to bed)

Lights & Motion – Epilogue

(scene: Ali goes for her muscle biopsy)

The Sky Life – Granville

(scene: Corey and Leah wait to here the results from Aubree’s test)

Lights & Motion – Lights & Motion

(scene: Chelsea’s dad comes over while she’s making a pie)

E for Explosion – When We Were New

(scene: End of scene: Chelsea talks with her father)

The Dandelion War – De Humo

(scene: Jenelle and Keiffer talk on the couch)

Window View – Continents

(Closing Montage)

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