Music from the Snooki and JWOWW Season 2 Finale


Featured Artist:  Guards | Follow: @GuardsMusic


Snooki & JWOWW – Airdate: April 2, 2013

Icona Pop – I Love It


Sonia Rao – This I Know

(scene: Jionni takes a nap)

Jamestown Story – Come Back Home

(scene: Jenni talks about missing Roger)

The Mission Creeps – Boneyard Scene

(scene: Snooki comes home with dinner)

Guards – I Know It’s You

(scene: Jenni talks about being alone in her house)

The Vacations – Before You Change Your Mind

(scene: Snooki goes to see Jenni at her house)

Hula Skirt – Special Request

(scene: Snooki and Jenni talk about arguing with their significant others)

Van Stee – String Of Lights

(scene: Jionni talks about planning a surprise party)

Frances Cone – Rattle Your Heart

(scene: Roger arrives back at the house)

Juiceboxxx – Pump It

(scene: Snooki gets a phone call from Jenni)

Air Traffic Controller – If You Build It

(scene: Snooki invites Jenni and Roger to the party)

The Blakes – Black Carnation

(scene: Snooki runs some errands)

The Phones – Under Her Spell

(scene: Jenni picks out a dress for the party)

New Cassettes – Bite Your Lip

(scene: Roger and Jenni get ready for the party)

Justin Merrill – Amazon Dance Station

(scene: Guests arrive for the party)

Megha Maan (Presents SupaFriendzZz) – Run Away

(scene: Snooki greets her guests)

The Handcuffs – Eight Down

(scene: The party concludes)

Fire In The Hamptons – On The Run

(scene: Snooki and Jionni go to dinner with Jenni and Roger)

Megha Maan (Presents SupaFriendzZz) – Fly Away

(scene: Everyone reflects on their lives and relationships)

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