Music from The Show With Vinny Episode 9


Featured Artist:  Atlantic Connection 

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The Show With Vinny – Airdate: June 27, 2013

Atlantic Connection (feat. Armanni Reign) – Hypem

(Introduction to the show)

M1 – One Two Punch

(scene: Vinny introduces his guests)

Young Murph The Kidd – Cease Fire

(scene: Vinny talks about Iggy Azalea)

DJ Chuck Nyce – I Did It My Way

(scene: Vinny’s mom prepares food)

John Fulford – Go

(scene: Vinny asks where Iggy grew up)

Michael Baiardi – Over Here

(scene: Iggy reacts to a statement Vinny made about her music)

M1 – Bump To This

(scene: Vinny asks where Iggy got her name)

Wondershow – Seri

(scene: Uncle Nino sets up a contest for Iggy and the family)

SpeakerHedz – Middle Of The Mornin

(scene: Everyone gets ready to compete)

Michael Baiardi – On Fire

(scene: The competition begins)

Juiceboxxx – Like A Renegade

(scene: Vinny evaluates the competition)

M1 – Drummer Some

(scene: Uncle Nino is winning the competition)

M1 – Ms. Perry

(Coming Up)

Michael Baiardi – Heckler

(Coming Up)

Michael Baiardi – Hanging With The Breakfast Club

(scnee: Vinny introduces his guest Tyler, The Creator)

Josh Baze (Feat. Danny Klein) – Escape

(scene: Vinny’s family waits for Tyler to arrive at the restaurant)

M1 – B Boy

(scene: Uncle Nino asks Tyler about his music)

Francis Graham – In My SUV

(scene: The food begins to arrive)

M1 – I Never

(scene: More food arrives to the table)

AFTI – Tell U Like This

(scene: Tyler talks about his fans)

Wondershow – Volt

(End of Show)

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