Music from The Show with Vinny Episode 8


Featured Artist:  Atlantic Connection 

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Atlantic Connection (feat. Armanni Reign) “Hypem” – Free Download (right click to save)

The Show With Vinny – Airdate: June 20, 2013

Atlantic Connection (feat. Armanni Reign) – Hypem

(Introduction to the show)

White Mystery – Aaron

(scene: Vinny and his mom make his bed)

Phive – Nothing To Say

(scene: Vinny introduces his show)

Jessie Chambers – The Moment

(scene: Vinny talks about Austin Mahone)

DJ Dynamix – Stay In Step

(scene: Austin Mahone arrives at Vinny’s)

Wondershow – Swig

(scene: Vinny’s sisters talk to Austin Mahone)

Wondershow – Volt

(scene: Vinny asks Austin how he got discovered)

Electro Noiz – Ride Em Style

(Coming Up)

The Pillars Of Society – Phenomenon

(scene: Austin and his mom join Vinny’s family for dinner)

Josh Baze – She’s Gold

(scene: Vinny and Austin say goodbye)

M1 – Transform

(scene: Vinny introduces Erica Mena)

Carey Haynes – No Never

(scene: Vinny waits for Erica to arrive)

M1 – Hotheadz

(scene: Vinny introduces Erica to his family)

Maria Isa – Que Tu Quieres

(scene: Vinny interviews Erica)

John Fulford – Drinks On Me

(scene: Vinny’s mom talks to Erica)

Reto – Chugga Chugga

(scene: Erica meets Uncle Nino)

M1 – Drematik Static

(scene: Vinny and Erica play a prank on Uncle Nino)

Michael Baiardi – Hammer

(scene: Vinny tells Nino he is playing a prank on him)

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