Music from The Season Finale of Jersey Shore Season 4

(artist: Wallpaper.)

Jersey ShoreAirdate: October 20, 2011

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

The Diamond Light – Jungle Song

(scene: Mike talking to himself)

Kopek – Sin City

(scene: Transition from the house to everyone walking home from the club)

Heavy Young Heathens – Dirty Minds

(scene: Ronnie and Sammi talking about going to the smush room)

Mark Mallman – Light The Dynamite and Run

(scene: Pauly D and Vinnie primping for the day)

Envy – Party Down

(scene: The guys at the club doing their thing)

Atlantic Connection ft. Armanni Rei – Hypem

(scene: The guys at the club doing their thing)

Little Red Radio – Playground

(scene: Girls drunk at the club and make a friend)

School Girls – These Boots

(scene: Pauly D and Vinnie find the girls)

Vinnie Ferra – In Secret

(scene: Transition from night into the morning)

Adrianne Serna – Let It Shine

(scene: Putting clothes on the clothesline at the restaurant)

Kill The Complex – Wonderland

(scene: Saying goodbye to Marko and Mimo)

Craig Pro – I Want Too

(scene: The guys making American food)

Bum City Saints – Cold Blooded

(scene: Vinnie calling about the gang taking a tour)

Kill The Complex – Go Away

(scene: Pauly D playing with food and the gang asleep)

Kopek – Sub Human

(scene: Mike getting away from the group to be by himself)

Ocha La Rocha – Brown Room

(scene: Ending the tour and Pauly D talking about Mike)

Wallpaper. – F*cking Best Song Everrr

(scene: Heading back to the house to go out)

Alex Cohen ft. Sasha Fox – Don’t Be A Hater (Cha Cha Dub)

(scene: The gang’s last night at the club dancing)

New Cassettes – I’m Always

(scene: The official last breakfast)

Dandylion Warpaint – Strange Loops

(scene: Waking Ronnie up for breakfast)

The Submarines – The Sun Shines At Night

(scene: Packing for the flight home / last song of the season!)

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