Music from the Season Finale of Good Vibes

(Featured Artist: The Submarines)

The Submarines‘ music can be heard throughout the entire debut season of Good Vibes. This L.A. duo have released three full length albums, two EP’s, and an exclusive Live Session for iTunes. On December 20th, they released a new EP called Shoelaces (stream the EP here). It’s a 6-song EP that contains four original songs and two fantastic cover songs from Jesus and the Mary Chain and New Order. The Submarines have some upcoming tour dates supporting Ra Ra Riot – check out the date here

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Good Vibes Airdate: December 29, 2011

Noshayah DaMuzikbox – Needin U

(scene: Show Opens)

Wavves – King of the Beach

(scene: Into Oceanus Music Festival, Wavves performing on stage)

Big Troubles – Misery

(scene: Mondo is tied to Babs and can’t get away)

Wavves – I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl

(scene: Wavves on stage as Wadska takes flight)

Wavves – Bug

(scene: Wavves plays in the background as Mondo and Woodie meet their girls)

Vette – Radio

(scene: Babs realizes she lost Mondo. Vette plays on stage and he’s hanging with Jeena)

Carne Asada – Donkey Show

(scene: Woodie and his date watch Carne Asada play on stage)

Neighborhood Brats – Sick Tatts

(scene: Babs runs into some old friends)

Carne Asada – Gringos

(scene: Woodie and his girl head into the mosh pit)

The Submarines – Ivaloo

(scene: Mondo and Jeena have a moment and are suddenly interrupted by Babs on stage looking for him)

Young Empires – Shadows

(scene: Backstage, Jeena meets OK GO while Mondo finally finds Woodie who made it backstage)

OK GO – White Knuckles

(scene: OK GO plays on stage)

OK GO – This Too Shall Pass

(scene: OK GO plays on stage and closes the show)

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