Music from the Season 5 Premiere of Jersey Shore

(artist: Monster Paws)

Jersey ShoreAirdate: January 5, 2012

Mustard Pimp – Largo

(scene: Previously On Jersey Shore)

Heavy Young Heathens – The Shelter

(scene: Previously On Jersey Shore)

Hogni – Exit

(scene: Previously On Jersey Shore)

Kopek – White Collar Lies

(scene: Previously On Jersey Shore)

++ Start of Show …

LMFAO – Get Crazy

(Theme Song)

Just Kait – Give It To Me

(scene: Ronnie makes his juice)

Jumpshot Jones – Good Time

(scene: The cast visits Danny at the store)

Kopek – Cocaine Chest Pains

(scene: Coming Up on Jersey Shore)

Monster Paws – Exercise Machine

(scene: The cast works out)

Adrianne Serna – Let It Shine

(scene: The cast gets ready to leave)

The Narrative – The Photographer’s Daughter

(scene: The cast goes to Captain Hook’s Bar)

Craig Pro – Till The End Of Time

(scene: The cast says goodbye to everyone)

Ocha La Rocha – The Beach

(scene: The cast wakes up)

Dandylion WarPaint – Strangeloops

(scene: The guys talking in the house)

Kiev – Rational Animal Layered Line

(scene: Snooki talking to Mike and Unit)

Anomie Belle – Bedtime Stories

(scene: Vinnie reflects)

Hogni – Right Attitude

(scene: Vinnie and Pauly talk on the boardwalk)

Air Dubai – Lazers

(scene: The rest of the cast dances at Aztec)

Kopek – Sub Human

(scene: Vinnie talks to Ronnie and Pauly)

Friends Of Emmet – Coming Apart

(scene: Vinnie talks to Ronnie and Pauly)

++ Next On Jersey Shore …

Hell and Lula – Set The World On Fire

(scene: The cast dancing in the club)

Just Kait – I’m Out

(scene: The cast fooling around)

Tic Tic Boom – The Floodgate

(scene: The cast fooling around)

Ginger Sling – The Hard Road

(scene: The cast in the club)

Kill The Complex – Be The Change

(scene: The cast fooling around)

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