Music from the Season 2 Finale of World of Jenks


Featured Artist: Jeremy Lister

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Atlantic Connection “Espresso” – Free Download (right click to save)

The Filthy Pillows “Bass Go” – Free Download (right click to save)

Hannibal Leq “Gone” – Free Download (right click to save)

Young Mennace “Hush” – Free Download

Ollie Gabriel “Days Like This” – Free Download (right click to save)

Megha Maan “Bang Hornz” – Free Download (right click to save)

The New F-O’s “Travelin Man” – Free Download (right click to save)


World of Jenks – Airdate: May 20, 2013

Jeremy Lister – Set Us Free

Danny Burke & Brian Casey – Tension

(scene: The countdown to Kaylin’s  fashion show begins)

Atlantic Connection – Espresso

(scene: Jenks with Kaylin at the loading dock at the fashion show)

Megha Maan & Jumpshot Jones – Good Time

(scene: Kaylin preps for her fashion show)

The Filthy Pillows – Bass Go

(scene: Kaylin and team finish up last minute touches on her pieces for the show)

Helen Austin – Can You Help Me Out

(scene: Chad packs up his room)

Helen Austin – One Eye On The Door

(scene: Chad packs up his room)

Bishop Allen – Click, Click, Click, Click

(scene: Chad and Jenks oversee the move)

Analogue Revolution – Need A Minute

(scene: Chad drives away from his old house)

AB & The Sea – Bone Dry

(scene: Jenks with D- Real &  Dom at the Mall)

Beginning of the End – Come On Baby

(scene: D-Real shops for shoes for Dom)

Megha Maan – Rain Drops

(scene: Dance battle discussion)

Hannibal Leq – Gone

(scene: The Turfs show up to park and talk about the issues with Oakland)

Common (feat. John Legend) – The Believer

(scene: The crew hand out dance battle flyers around town)

Nox Arcana – Music Box

(scene: Kaylin’s pieces make it down the  runway)

Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks

(scene: Kaylin’s pieces are well received at the fashion show)

!MAYDAY! – On To Something

(scene: D’Real’s dance battle gets set up)

Young Mennace – Hush

(scene: Jenks talking about the security for the dance battle)

Ill Kidd – Hit This

(scene: D-real tells people to come over for the dance battle)

Ollie Gabriel – Days Like This

(scene: The mayor of Oakland gives a speech at D-Real’s battle)

The Submarines – Anymore

(scene: Jenks and Chad check out Chad’s new apartment)

Mandrew – Let’s Run Away

(scene: Chad and his family move into their new place)

Robotanists – Wait A Minute Here

(scene: Chad and Jenks moving Chad into the new place)

Patrick Watson – The Great Escape

(scene: Chad freaks out with the change and goes on a bike ride)

Helen Austin – Happy

(scene: Chad feels better after his bike ride)

Ghost Ghost – Hey Princess

(scene: Jenks goes to see Kaylin and brings Chinese food)

Danny Burke & Brian Casey – Cloud Gazing

(scene: Kaylin and Jenks hang out in her apartment)

Glorious Monster – I Will Always Be With You

(scene: Jenks and Kaylin talking about girls)

Dead Letter Chorus – Run Wild

(scene: A look back at the year that Kaylin and Jenks filmed together)

Megha Maan – Bang Hornz

(scene: The beginnning of  the dance battle)

Chiddy Bang – The Good Life

(scene: The dance battle continues)

Ruste Juxx (feat. King Magnetic) – Champion

(scene: The dance battle continues)

Air Dubai – Ten Weeks

(scene: Jenks talks about his observations at dance battle)

Aaron and Andrew – Hand To Hold

(scene: The dance battle concludes)

The New F-O’s – Travelin Man

(scene: The night concludes)

Will Seabrook – Tomorrow Will Come

(scene: D-Real and Jenks say goodbye)

The Booze – Hit Me Where It Hurts

(scene: Chad and Jenks set up Chad’s room)

Helen Austin – Hello

(scene: Chad and Jenks have a sleepover in Chad’s new room)

Helen Austin – Nearly Dry

(scene: Chad and Jenks have a sleepover in Chad’s new room)

For King and Country – Light it Up

(scene: A montage of Chad’s year)

Joshua Radin – Brand New Day

(scene: Chad wakes up in his new room)

Need To Breathe – Keep Your Eyes Open

(scene: End of the show wrap up)

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