Music from the Real World St Thomas Season Finale

Featured Artist: All Smiles

Real World St Thomas – Airdate: September 12, 2012

All Smiles – Friday Flying

(scene: The roommates get dressed up for Carnival)

Tian Winter – Raving

(scene: The roommates arrive at Carnival and dance in a parade)

Sho’ Dem Band – Dumplins

(scene: Marie does a crazy drunken dance while the Sho’ Dem Band plays from their parade float in the background)

Kerwin Du Bois – Bacchanalist

(scene: Swift talks to some local friends and decides he wants to stay on the islands even after the other roommates go home)

Spectrum Band – Boom

(scene: Trey has to poop and rushes back to Hassle Island)

KBCK – SunshineSunshineSunshine

(scene: Robb searches for a St. Croix love bracelet for Marie)

Perrin Lamb – It’s Your World

(scene: Swift leaves the house on a search for two wild chickens)

Molly Marlette – Be Mine

(scene: Robb and Marie admire their matching St. Croix bracelets in Robb’s bed)

Young Liars – Homesick Future

(scene: The roommates go to Starz to drink and dance.  Marie does a crazy dance and embarrasses Latoya)

The Royal Concept – Gimme Twice

(scene: The roommates ride a sailboat, where they drink, snack, and get seasick)

Ben Wells & The Middle Names – Lullaby

(scene: Marie reflects on how she’s changed since living on the island)

The Summer Set – Summer Looks Good On You

(scene: Robb, Marie, and Latoya hold hands and skip around the pool one last time)

Shannon Corey – The Guitar Song

(scene: Robb, Marie, Trey, and Laura discuss their flight departure times.  They walk Laura to her gate and say goodbye)

Dinner And A Suit – Where We Started

(scene: Marie and Trey exchange teary goodbyes)

The Regiments (feat. Anna Montgomery) – Right Where I Want To Be

(scene: Latoya, Marie, and Trey say goodbye to each other and reflect on what they’re leaving with)

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