Music from the Real World Portland Season Premiere


Featured Artist:  Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Real World Portland – Airdate: March 27, 2013

Adventure Galley – Weekend Lovers

(scene: Portland montage, roommates arriving to town)

Beta State – Human

(scene: Averey’s introduction)

The Dead Men – The Lord Ain’t Callin My Name

(scene: Joi’s introduction)

The Kicks – Live Fast, Die Young

(scene: Jordan’s introduction)

Delorentos – Little Sparks

(scene: Joi and Marlon arrive at the house)

The Wallburds – Tears

(scene: Joi and Marlon meet their roommates)

Lee Hester – You And I

(scene: Montage of the roommates hanging out, and confessionals from Johnny and Jessica)

Janine The Machine – Rock Star

(scene: Avery and Ana sit in the hot tub and discuss their male roommates)

Miss Fairchild – Tell And Show

(scene: The roommates enjoy the sun in their new backyard.  Jessica shows off her thong bikini, and Jordan criticizes Ana for smoking)

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us feat. Ray Dalton

(scene: The roommates go out to a club to drink and dance)

Mustard Pimp & Ze – The Amazons (Casino Gold Remix)

(scene: The roommates go to a club with strippers, which shocks Jessica.  Jordan meets a local girl)

Sing Me Insomnia – We Are Young

(scene: Averey and Johnny walk back to the house hand in hand)

Schoolboy – Top Of The World

(scene: The boys go out to a club to meet local girls)

This Is She – Misery

(scene: Jordan and Marlon kick their female houseguests out, and Joi and Ana apologize to them for his rudeness)

Rags And Ribbons – Liar

(scene: Ana and Jordan get into a fight)

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