Music from The Real World Portland Season Finale


Featured Artist:  Frank Bell


Real World Portland – Airdate: June 12, 2013

Travis T Warren  – A Winters Tale

(scene: Johnny calms Averey down and they take Daisy for a walk)

Doomtree – No Way

(scene: Nia tells Anastasia what happened that morning)

Frank Bell – Better Days

(scene: Anastasia, Marlon and Jordan do volunteer work)

The Janks – Demon Dance

(scene: The house gathers together to have a house meeting)

Guards – Your Man

(scene: Johnny and Averey pack up their things)

Fraction & Fresh Kills  – Like This

(scene: Nia meets leaves her meeting with Dom and heads back to the house)

Mark Mallman – All Thorns No Roses

(scene: The house packs up and Jessica and Anastasia bring home dinner)

Souvenir Driver – Directions

(scene: Marlon gets ready to perform)

Cloud Cult – 1x1x1

(scene: The house goes home after Marlon’s performance)

The Championship  – Lonely Stranger

(scene: Nia gets ready to call Dom after talking to Marlon)

Super Water Sympathy  – Pipe Dream

(scene: Jordan, Nia and Dom leave the café)

Solomon’s Hollow – Bygones

(scene: Johnny and Averey say goodbye to the house)

Terraplane Sun – Ya Never Know

(scene: Nia says her goodbyes to the house)

Dave Cook  – Love and War

(scene: Averey and Johnny say goodbye at the airport)

Scott and Brendo  – Photographs

(scene: Marlon chases Anastasia around the house)

Water & Bodies – Not Alone

(scene: Marlon and Anastasia leave the Real World house)

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