Music from the Pauly D Project Episode 9

DJ Pauly D

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The Pauly D Project – Airdate: May 24, 2012

Pauly D – Night Of My Life


Ghiant – Smashed Cell Phone

(scene: Mike goes to talk to MJ’s parents)

Amber Rubarth – Answer

(scene: MJ’s mother reacts to Mike’s question)

The Fieros – One Woman

(scene: Pauly and Ryan get their nails done)

Megha Mann & Fic – Give It All Away

(scene: The guys leave to get some Chinese food)

Ollie Gabriel – We Poppin

(scene: The guys discuss the future)

Mind The Gap – These Are The Days

(scene: Mike says goodbye to MJ)

Skiddalz – Party Hard

(scene: The guys arrive at their hotel)

Jaguar Paw (Ft. Bass Rokwell) – The Change

(scene: Pauly goes to Planet Hollywood)

Type3 Vampires – Pop Rocks And Whiskey

(scene: Pauly gets his photo taken)

All Mankind – Pretenders

(scene: Ryan reflects on feeling hurt)

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