Music from The Pauly D Project Episode 8

Featured Artist: Bombs and Bottles

The Pauly D Project – Airdate: May 17, 2012


Pauly D – Night Of My Life

(scene: THEME SONG)

Analogue Revolution – Do Whatcha Like

(scene: Mike reflects on Pauly using DJ AM’s turntable)

Electric Valentine – G + F (Clean Version)

(scene: Pauly talks about DJ’ing at Rain)

Kids At The Bar – So We Can Party

(scene: Pauly DJ’s and Mike refelcts on Pauly’s popularity)

Ultra Foxx – God’s Gift

(scene: Pauly talks about his friendship with Angel)

Charlie – I’m A Criminal

(scene: Mike is worried about Pauly drinking while DJ’ing)

Bombs and Bottles – The Game (Part 1)

(scene: Jerry talks about Angel and Tasha)

Mustard Pimp – Money Shot

(scene: Pauly DJ’s and thanks his fans)

Caveman – Thankful

(scene: Everyone is tired and talking about the previous night)

N.E.P.H.E.W. – Top Of The World

(scene: The guys talk about G-Unit)

Trans Atlantic Crush – Tonight

(scene: The guys pack and leave for Rhode Island)

The Fieros – Comeback

(scene: The guys say goodbye at the airport)

Levels – Kentucky

(scene: Mike calls Mary Jane from his taxi)

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