Music from The Pauly D Project Episode 5

 Featured Artist: Skiddalz

The Pauly D ProjectAirdate: April  26, 2012

Pauly D – Night Of My Life

(Theme Song) – Purchase on iTunes

Young Mennace (ft Lizzie Williams) – Go Crazy

(scene: Opening scene of the guys sitting around the suite)

Vicious Vicious – Ho Baby

(scene: J Rok has news for Pauly)

Skiddalz – Party Hard

(scene: Jerry escorts Pauly D into the club)

Megha Maan & Fic – We Own The Night

(scene: Christina comes in the club while Pauly is DJ’ing)

Designer Drugs – Drop Down

(scene: Christina talks to Pauly)

Type3 Vampires – Candy Buzz Baby

(scene: Pauly experiments with some potential music to DJ)

Two Guns – She’s A Safe

(scene: The guys harrass Jerry about a girl he likes)

Najee The 1 – Elevated

(scene: The guys go out for dinner and drinks)

Amber Rubarth – Novocaine

(scene: The guys pack and get ready to leave)

Type3 Vampires – Clubbed To Death

(scene: End of Show)


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