Music from The Pauly D Project Episode 3

(Featured Artist: Hannibal Leq)

The Pauly D ProjectAirdate: April 12, 2012

Richie Beretta Ft. The Ranger – Gna Getchya

(Show Open)

Pauly D – Night Of My Life

(Theme Song)

Bubblegun – Birthday

(scene: The guys wake up and start the day)

Type 3 Vampires – Mid American Star

(scene: Pauly DJ’s the Ghost Bar)

Lurob – Do It Well

(scene: Pauly and the guys party at the Ghost Bar)

The Alex Cohen Project – Electrified

(scene: Ryan and J Rok get into an altercation)

The Broken Spurs – Jawbanger

(scene: Jerry intervenes in the altercation)

Fawn – Never Over (Power Remix)

(scene: The altercation continues)

Designer Drugs – Riot

(scene: Jerry explains what happened)

Les Professionnels – Happy Hours (Mess Me Remix)

(scene: Pauly thanks the party guests)

Amtrac – Distant Heartbreak

(scene: Ryan invites some girls to party with them)

Friends Of Emmet – Suntan Superman

(scene: The girls go back to the suite with Pauly’s crew)

Hot Pink Delorean – Bee Eff Eff

(scene: Pauly and the guys party at Haze)

DJ Alex Cohen  – The Deep End

(scene: Jerry talks about two girls that are partying with them)

Dirty Radio – Wanna Ride

(scene: Pauly talks about a girl he meets named Christina)

Novie – Gonna Getcha

(scene: Pauly and Christina talk in the club)

Type 3 Vampires – Tonal Control

(scene: Pauly dances with Christina)

Alex Gaudino (Ft. Kelly Rowland) – What A Feeling

(scene: The guys party and talk to girls in the club)

Hannibal Leq – I Go

(scene: The guys party and talk to girls in the club)

Megha Mann & Fic – Rollin

(scene: Biggie gets drunk in the club)

Adrian Lux – Boy (Radio Edit)

(scene: The guys leave the club with some girls)