Music from the MTV Special THE BREAK


(The Edge)

THE BREAK is the personal vision of U2‘s world-renowned guitarist, The Edge, who believes that everyone deserves a chance at a decent life–especially youth who are living without a home or support system through no fault of their own. Featuring original music by The Edge and produced by Gigantic! Productions, the multi-award winning team behind such acclaimed documentaries about youth in crisis as Gone Too Far, True Life: I’m Deaf and I’m Addicted to Crystal Meth, this documentary is an exciting and emotional voyage through unexplored territory. THE BREAK takes viewers on an inspirational journey like no other–all by offering young people a chance and someone to believe in them.

The BreakAirdate: March 2, 2012

The Edge  – No Home Like Place

(scene: Host Anne Mahlum gives an overview of the characters)

National Skyline – Come to Life

(scene: Ava shops for clothes for her upcoming job interviews)

All The Day Holiday – Mountains

(scene: Anne takes Ava, Rob, and Nancy on a shopping spree for new wardrobes at Khol’s)

The Submarines – Sun Shines at Night

(scene: Ava transforms her look with a new short haircut at the salon)

The New Frontiers – Spirit and Skin

(scene: Rob and Anne travel to South Carlolina to see his family for the first time in three years)

The Edge  – The Break Theme

(scene: Rob reunites with his family)

Cloud Cult – Love You All

(scene: Rob enjoys quality time with his family)

National Skyline – Hope

(scene: Anne, Ava, Rob, and Nancy go for a jog together)

Florence + The Machine – Leave My Body

(scene: Nancy packs up her belongings to move to a new home for her safety)

Plain Jane Automobile – Stones

(scene: Ava visits NYPD for an informational interview)

All The Day Holiday – Cities

(scene: Nancy gets a tour of the local community college where she is going to further her education)

The Edge  – No Home Like Place

(scene: Ava, Rob, and Nancy make changes and are hopeful for the future)

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