Music From The Hills: New Beginnings: Season 1, Episode 9

The Hills: New Beginnings
     Featured Artists: Tones and I & Hey Violet

Tones and I – Dance Monkey
Spencer shops for rings.

Kallico – When I Get Going
Stephanie at hustler store.

Millie Fox – Feelin Good
Heidi in the studio.

Heidi Montag – Glitter and Glory
Heidi in the studio.

Ryan Cabrera – Sabine
Flashback to on the boat with Ryan.

Hey Violet – Better By Myself
Ashley and Stephanie work out together.

Beautiful Creatures – Cold Fire
Ashley and Stephanie talk.

Social House – Higher
Spencer and Brandon have lunch.

Amila – Fired Up
Whitney and Heidi talk.

Kallico – Feelin Comin On
Bachelor party arrivals.

Stella Mwangi – Get Together
Bachelorette party continues.

Lizzo – Like a Girl
Heidi dances at her party.

Olly Anna – It’s Going Down
Audrina and Stephanie talk.

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