Music From The Hills: New Beginnings: Season 1, Episode 8

The Hills: New Beginnings
     Featured Artist: Weezer

SÜ – New Wave
Ashley and Audrina at lunch.

Night Panda ft. BEGINNERS – Get Ready
Stephanie and Justin play pool.

Aminé – REEL IT IN
Spencer Ju Jitsu Training.

Stok Glow – You’re my Gold
Brandon and Pam talk.

Weezer – Can’t Knock The Hustle
Spencer and Jason talk.

Kid Something – I Like That
Audrina and Mischa go on a duffy boat ride.

Liv Ash – You’re Rising Up
Audrina and friends on Duffy boat.

Ryan Cabrera – Sabine
Ryan Cabrera Sings.

Heidi Montag – Superficial
Speidi gets ready for their yacht date.

Dua Lipa – Be The One
Jason and Ashley get ready for the gala.

Yacht Money ft. Ian Keaggy – Treat Yo Self
Speidi yacht ride.

Lady Bri – Like This, Like That
Gala begins.

Sam Tinnesz – Light ‘Em Up
Gala continues.


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