Music From The Hills: New Beginnings: Season 1, Episode 5

The Hills: New Beginnings
     Featured Artists: The Head and the Heart & Carlie Hanson


The Head and the Heart – Missed Connection
Audrina meditates at the beach.

5 Seconds of Summer – Easier
Audrina meditates at the beach

Carlie Hanson – Back In My Arms
Brody and Kaitlyn pack for vegas.

Silverberg ft Reeves R8 – Coming Back Stronger
Brandon packs for Atlanta.

haze. – Fire & Ice
Stephanie gets ready for vegas.

Goldheart – Good Day
Audrina packing for Vegas.

Manwell ft. Sam Tinnesz – I Want The Money
Vegas arrivals.

FJØRA – I Can Do Better
Vegas arrivals.

The Swing – You Can Have It All
Vegas scenes.

Jason At LA Mission event.

Youngr – What’s Next
Pre party in Vegas

Spencer Ludwig – Best Life
Dinner in Vegas.

Black Prez LH – The King
Party in Vegas.

Lady Bri – This Will Be The Day
Scenes of the Aftermath of the Woolsley Fire.


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