Music From The Hills: New Beginnings: Season 1, Episode 4

The Hills: New Beginnings
     Featured Artists: Pink Sweat$, Parov Stelar & Nikki Williams


Willa J – Life Is A Party
Speidi visit party venue.

CRMNL – Nothing’s Gonna Slow Me Down
Mischa Talks About Coming Back To LA.

Timeflies – Back When We Were Kids
Brody at his Mom’s house.

Summer Kennedy – The Good Life
Heidi and Audrina meet at the spa.

Fake Laces (ft. Tim Halperin) – All Eyes On Us
Brody’s Band Showcase Starts.

AHZ – Bad Decisions
Brody debuts his video.

RYNX (ft. Jimi Ono) – I’m Alright
Spencer at Crystal Workshop.

Swag Swag – Champ
Brody and Brandon play tennis.

Jungleboi – Hold Me Down
Brandon and Ashley Shop.

Pink Sweat$ – Honesty
Audrina and Joey talk about Justin.

Island Police – Shiny Things
Pratt Daddy Party Starts.

Lizzo – Juice
Pratt Daddy Party Continues.

Luxtides – Fragile
Audrina Looks for Justin.

Parov Stelar ft. Nikki Williams – TROUBLE
Joey talks about Justin and Stephanie.


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