Music From The Hills: New Beginnings: Season 1, Episode 2

The Hills: New Beginnings
     Featured Artists: Freya Ridings & DREAMERS

KOYOTIE – Ready Set Let’s Go
Stephanie’s Party – She Arrives.

Manwell ft Daniella Mason – You’re Welcome
Brody and Caitlyn in batch.

Know-Madik – My Whole Life’s A Party
Perez arrives.

Billie Eilish – bad guy
Mischa approaches Perez.

Freya Ridings – Blackout
Stephanie cries outside.

Max Frost –  Good Morning
The girls hike and recap party.

half-alive –  still feel
Justin and Stephanie talk at her house.

King Flexx – Run It Up
The boys have dinner at Brandons new house.

Mabel –  Don’t Call Me Up
Audrina and Joey pick out clothes.

Backchat – Runnin’ The Game
Jason and Ashley talk at home.

Animal Island – Gimme That Sunshine
Audrina and Justin talk about his show.

Up Ft. Trove – RNDM THNGS
Justin’s festival starts.

RDGLDGRN – Tradition
Surf Music Festival.

DREAMERS – Someway, Somehow
Audrina an Justin talk at festival.


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