Music from the Friendzone Season 3 Premiere

Featured Artist: Keegan DeWitt | follow: @KeeganDewitt

Friendzone – Airdate: January 22, 2013

Keegan DeWitt – Two Hearts

(Theme Song)

Kari Kimmel  – Go

(scene: Introduction to Crystal and Kenny)

California Wives – Light Year

(scene: Crystal reflects on her feelings)

Army Of Freshman – Erase Us

(scene: Crystal expresses her fears)

Curious – Bare It All

(scene: Crystal waits for Kenny to arrive)

Kari Kimmel  – Didn’t See This Coming

(scene: Crystal gets ready while waiting)

Army Of Freshman – Condition Christine

(scene: Kenny reacts to Crystal’s admission)

Army Of Freshmen – Talk Of The Town

(scene: Introduction to Chris and Stephanie)

New Cassettes – Militant King

(scene: Chris gets advice from his friend Jason)

3 Theory – There Will Always Be

(scene: Chris waits for Stephanie to arrive)

Parker Theory – I Love It When We’re All Alone

(scene: Chris gets ready for the date)

Nels Leafblad – Get On With Loving You

(scene: The longest drive)

Parker Theory – Glimpse Of You

(scene: Stephanie reacts to Chris’ revelation)

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