Music From The Challenge: Rivals III, Episode 3

The Challenge: Rivals III
Featured Artist: Five Knives


Mr. Fijiwiji – “Believe Her”
The cast it out partying at the club

Five Knives – “Love is a War”
After a heart to heart conversation, Jamie and Ashley hook up. Transition to next day

Five Knives – “Sugar”
First heat of the competition. Competitors are Brandon/Briana, Daria/Nicole, Nate/Christina, and Nelson/Amanda

Apashe – “No Twerk”
Ashley and Cory make love to the soap pole while Ashley has an orgasm

The Killing Floor – “High”
It’s a race to the finish!

The Bird Passengers – “Supernatural Revelations”
Tj reveals to all of the cast members that he is cancelling the elmination and in an effort to get to know one another will have a house party instead

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