Music from The Challenge: Rivals II Season Premiere

jamestown story

Featured Artist: Jamestown Story

The Challenge: Rivals II airdate: July 10, 2013

Shiny Toy Guns – Speaking Japanese

(scene: Contestants are paired together)

The Dollyrots – Hyperactive

(scene: The contestants enter the house for the first time)

Speakerhedz – Lookin At You

(scene: One of the male contestants falls asleep in an unlikely place)

Jamestown Story – Nothing’s Forever

(scene: CT and Diem are talking in the hot tub)

Peace Mercutio – Stand As One

(scene: The female contestants participate in a challenge)

SupaFriendzZz – Activated

(scene: Anastasia talks about CT)

Early Morning Rebel – Hold On (Robosoul Remix)

(scene: The male contestants participate in a Challenge)

Vivian Darkbloom  – I’m Not What You Need

(scene: The contestants find out a twist)

Blackburner – Freak You

(scene: The contestants turn the kitchen into a club)

Dave Cook – Touch ‘n Go

(scene: Diem talks about Anastatia and CT)

Dayjob  – Indecent

(scene: Anastatia and CT get to know each other)

Aaron and Andrew – You and Me (Feat. Holley Maher)

(scene: Naomi and Cooke talk)

Citizen Zero – Slaves or Citizens

(scene: Two teams get ready to compete in the Last Chance challenge)

Fake Figures – Caustic

(scene: Two teams compete in the Last Chance challenge)

Esquille – Heyo

(scene: Contestants go out to a club)

Robert Delong – Religious Views

(scene: Contestants go out to a club)

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