Music from The Challenge: Rivals II Season Finale

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Featured Artist: Forever The Sickest Kids

Free Downloads from the Season Finale

Forever The Sickest Kids “Ritalin (Born in America)” – Free Download (right click to save)

Blackburner “Burn Burn Burn!” – Free Download (right click to save)

Hell Or Highwater “Come Alive” – Free Download (right click to save)

The Challenge: Rivals II – Airdate: September 25, 2013

Magnets – Propeller Falls

(scene: The guy and girl teams work on the puzzle during final challenge)

Ill Niño – The Depression

(scene: One guy team and one girl team become frustrated working on the puzzle)

Destrophy – We Are Alive

(scene: All teams advance to Checkpoint #2 on final challenge)

Schoolboy – Zombies Ate My Neighbors

(scene: All teams continue to compete at Checkpoint #2)

Blackburner – Burn Burn Burn!

(scene: One guy team and one girl team begin the Food Test challenge at Checkpoint #3)

Snow White’s Poison Bite – The Gruesome Gory Horror Show

(scene: All teams struggle at the Food Test challenge)

Hell Or Highwater – Come Alive

(scene: All teams compete in the the Body Issues challenge at Checkpoint #4)

Forever The Sickest Kids – Ritalin (Born in America)

(scene: CT and Wes work on the Tunnel Vision challenge at Checkpoint #5)

The Dreaming – Stitches

(scene: One girl team advances to Checkpoint #5, while the other girl team continues on at Checkpoint #4)

Aaron and Andrew – Chase This Light

(scene: One girl team and one guy team lose the challenge)

Yellowcard – Here I Am Alive

(scene: The winning teams reflect on past challenges and experiences)

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