Music from The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 9

The Tossers mtv

Featured Artist: The Tossers

The Challenge: Rivals II – Airdate: September 4, 2013

Esquille – In The Heat Of The Night

(scene: Diem and CT dance at the club)

Play. Dance. Repeat. – That’s Not Me

(scene: Diem falls asleep)

Robert DeLong – Happy

(scene: Diem is embarrassed about her actions at the club the night before)

Inimical Drive – Hollow Ground

(scene: Two boy teams compete in the Rampage challenge)

Blackburner – Alien Lover

(scene: Two girl teams compete in the Rampage challenge)

The Tossers – The Rover

(scene: Two girl teams become tired in the Rampage challenge)

Danny Byrd – Bang! (feat. Jaguar Skills)

(scene: CT and Wes complete challenge)

Jasmin Kaset – Window Shopping

(scene: Challenge contestants discuss how they will vote)

Jeff LeBlanc – What Do You Got to Lose

(scene: CT and Diem talk about the final)

Supermachine – Solution

(scene: Challenge contestants return to the Jungle)

Northern Son – Simple

(scene: Team goes home)

Night Riots – Seawolves

(scene: Cast talk about Diem)

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