Music from The Challenge: Rivals II Episode 3


Featured Artist:  Against All Evil

Free Downloads from Episode 3

Against All Evil “Death Wish” – Free Download (right click to save)

Crud “I’ll Be Damned” – Free Download (right click to save)

Blackburner “Space Rover”  – Free Download (right click to save)

The Challenge: Rivals II – airdate: July 24, 2013

AfroWhitey – Love Shock

(scene: Marlon and Derek play basketball in the house)

Amber Ojeda – My Heart’s a Whore

(scene: Everyone in the house plays a charades game)

Sonia Rao – The Greatest

(scene: One of the girls in the house has to go home)

Terror  – Hard Lessons

(scene: The guys compete in a challenge)

Against All Evil  – Death Wish

(scene: The guys compete in round 2 of a challenge)

Crud – I’ll Be Damned

(scene: The girls complete round 2 of a challenge)

Schoolboy – Top Of The World

(scene: The guys complete round 4 of a challenge)

Five Knives – White Light Riot

(scene: The guys get ready to compete in round 1 of the elimination challenge)

Blackburner – Space Rover

(scene: The guys compete in round 2 of the elimination challenge)

Dan Godlin – Where We Belong

(scene: Marlon and Nany talk)

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