Music From The Challenge: Free Agents, Episode 3

The Challenge: Free Agents
Featured Artist: Close Your Eyes 



Megha Maan & FIC – “We Own The Night”
CY and Isaac organize a bachelor party for Cohutta

Jamestown Story – “Scarred”
Frank calls his mom and tells her he’s sick and considering quitting

Five Knives – “All Fall Down”
La Toya, Cohutta, Nany, and Preston climb across the Bar Crawl Challenge

Go Radio – “Fight, Fight (Reach for The Sky)”
Zach, Johnny, Devyn, and Theresa climb across the Bar Crawl Challenge

Blackburner – “Space Rover”
Laurel, Nia, Isaac, and Leroy start off in the Bar Crawl Challenge

Close Your Eyes – “Line in the Sand”
Nia and Caria Maria face off against each other in the elimination challenge

Stars Go Dim – “Like I Mean It”
TJ Congratulates Cara and Nia for a great battle in the elimination challenge

Dave Cook – “Echo”
The loser says their goodbyes

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