Music From The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars, Episode 8

The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars
Featured Artist: Marmozets

KELLR – Grand Closing
Kim gives props to the Champs for their efforts in the Challenge.

Young Reefer J – Hustle And Heart
The final teams are decided and the contestants debrief their performances in last weeks challenge.

Tommee Profitt – Takin’ Over (feat. Beacon Light)
The finalists come out to see the final challenge course and take it all in.

King Pen & The Lit Fuse – Grind
The teams try to tackle the early balance portion of the final and the Stars take a small lead.

Pigeon Hole – War Drums Remix
The Stars take shots at the Camps in that stage of the competition.

Devvon Terrell – Enemies and Friends
The contestants take off on the Face Race.

Steven Cooper – Drop
Contestants battle to score on the slippery surface of “Slide Ball”.

Megha Maan ft. Trophyy – Shake That Fatty
Bananas shows off his rear when slide ball gets a little rough.

Marmozets – Play
Tethered together the contestants transport planks to the scoring area.

Tommee Profitt – We Runnin’ (feat. Beacon Light)
The final stage of the challenge comes down to digging thought the keys of panic ensues.

Fall Out Boy – Champion
The finalists debrief and say their goodbyes as the season comes to an end.

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