Music From The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars, Episode 1

The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars
Featured Artist: Zak Downtown

CFO$ – Let Me Show You How
The Miz sets the stage for the upcoming season between MTV’s top personalities and the new stars they’re set to face.

BdotCroc – What It Takes
One of the stars Ariane Andrew introduces herself, and Banana’s gives her a sassy MTV welcome.

Zak Downtown – One Hundred
The Champs and Stars walk out their first challenge.

Ty Frankel – Pushing it to the Front Line
The first challenge kicks off as both teams try their hardest to win the challenge .

Slam Dunk The Funk – Darkness Falls (ft. Nathan Brumley)
The Champs celebrates Ashley’s birthday by the pool with drinks and mayhem.

RVRB – Think It Over
Camila discusses her drunken actions with the producers.

Thutmose – City of God
Corey and Matt exchange tosses at their targets while struggling to stay up.

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