Music from The Challenge Battle of the Seasons – Season Premiere

Featured Artist: Invigilators

 The Challenges: Battle of the SeasonsAirdate: September 19, 2012

 Zebrahead – Nothing To Lose

(scene: The challengers see their new house for the first time)

Mina Koo – More Than A Crush

(scene: Devyn talks to Preston about the strengths and weaknesses of the New Orleans team)

Hot Pink Delorean – Get It On Tonight

(scene: Zach and Frank impress the other challengers with their little pink speedos)

Schoolboy – Top Of The World

(scene: San Diego and Las Vegas compete in the balance beam challenge)

Invigilators (feat. Ceezlin) – Gameboy

(scene: Preston climbs the rope ladder to the balance beam in order to prove to himself that he can do it)

Sick Of Sarah – Kiss Me

(scene: Zach and Frank decide that they’ll be teammates like Batman and Robin, and then Zach kisses Frank)

Tracy Johnson – Sometimes Love Is Fire

(scene: Zach and Jonna share their first kiss)

Hayley Taylor – Pretty In The Dark

(scene: Jonna calls her boyfriend at home to break up with him, but just cries instead)

Melotia – Not Ready To Die

(scene: Cara Maria and Lacey go at it in the first heat)

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