Music from The Challenge Battle of the Seasons Season Finale

Featured Artist: Hell or Highwater | follow: @Hell0rHighwater

 The Challenges: Battle of the SeasonsAirdate: December 19, 2012

Evans Blue – Beyond The Stars

(scene: The team in the lead takes off in a helicopter, and the other teams scramble to catch up)

Madison Affair – Everything

(scene: The leading team’s helicopter lands and they begin round two)

Edisun – Medicate

(scene: The teams compete in round two of the challenge, which turns out to be more difficult than they anticipated)

Celldweller – Tough Guy

(scene: The third place team continues trying to pass round two)

Starseed – See Through Your Lies

(scene: The third place team runs to try and catch up to the other two teams, who are trying to figure out round three)

The Holiday Electric – Time Don’t Wait

(scene: The teams struggle with round three, the tire challenge)

Downstait – Senseless

(scene: TJ arrives to tell the challengers about the second day of the final challenge)

Mortimer Chang – War Within Me

(scene: The angsty challengers run across the desert to the Hallucination Station)

The Dollyrots – Starting Over Again

(scene: The challengers fill their sand boxes and run with them as quickly as they can)

Atari Teenage Riot – The Only Slight Glimmer Of Hope

(scene: The second place team works hard to catch up to the first place team)

Star City Meltdown – Here’s To Us!

(scene: One team wins.  Flashback montage of the winning team’s time throughout the season)

Hell Or Highwater – Crash And Burn

(scene: The second place team finishes the challenge.  Flashback montage of their time throughout the season)

Water & Bodies – Moments In A Life

(scene: The final team finishes the challenge, and there’s a flashback of their time throughout the season)

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