Music from The Challenge Battle of the Seasons Episode 8

Featured Artist: Zebrahead | follow: @zebrahead

 The Challenges: Battle of the SeasonsAirdate: November 14, 2012

Miss V – Shut The Floor

(scene: The challengers drink and dance at a bar. Zach and Frank each talk to other people about their team worries)

Ben Broussard – Steal Another Face

(scene: Jonna hopes that she and Zach will continue to be together when the season ends)

Huggy Drabits – Moderation

(scene: The challengers play Hunger Games)

Nightstalker – Children Of The Sun

(scene: TJ tells the challengers that they’ll be eating cow liver)

Zebrahead – The Joke’s On You

(scene: The challengers eat cow intestines and cow testicles)

Lo-Star – Why So Lo

(scene: The power team tries to figure out who to send into the arena)

Stephanie Mabey – Glorious

(scene: Zach and Jonna discuss Jonna’s life struggles, and Zach realizes how much he’s been given in life. Jonna thinks it’s time to get her life together)

Sister Sin – I’m Not You

(scene: The challengers arrive at the arena)

This Or The Apocalypse – Hellish

(scene: The boys compete in the arena)

Hyro Da Hero – Ghetto Ambiance

(scene: TJ announces that the two arena teams must go to a tie breaker)

Haulover Drive – Sober

(scene: The winning arena team celebrates)

Jon Robert – Every Time I Go Up

(scene: TJ sends the losing arena competitors home)

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