Music from The Challenge Battle of the Seasons Episode 7

Featured Artist: National Skyline

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 The Challenges: Battle of the SeasonsAirdate: November 7, 2012


The Fieros – Leaves

(scene: The challengers play a spelling game for fun in the house)

The Almighty Grind – Fake

(scene: The challengers arrive at the Logged Out challenge)

3 Years Hollow – Run Away

(scene: The challengers arrive at Checkpoint #3)

Keep Me Conscious – Life Like Secrets

(scene: The teams continue the Logged Out challenge)

The Rocketboys – The Best

(scene: TJ announces the power team, and they celebrate)

Junkie XL – Wheels On Fire

(scene: The second place team finishes the Logged Out challenge)

Jenny Ray – Silence The Noise

(scene: The fifth place team finishes the Logged Out challenge)

National Skyline – You Belong

(scene: TJ congratulates the winning team)

Stephanie Mabey – The Zombie Song

(scene: Marie and Jemmye find a secret note that CJ wrote to Ashley)

Army Of Freshmen – No One’s Famous

(scene: CJ thanks Ashley for the note she wrote him in response, but she tells him that she didn’t write him a note)

Blue Stahli – Give Me Everything You’ve Got

(scene: The challengers compete in the arena)

All Mankind – I Am Only

(scene: TJ sends the arena losers home)

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