Music from The Challenge Battle of the Seasons Episode 5

Featured Artist: Jeff LeBlanc

 The Challenges: Battle of the SeasonsAirdate: October 17, 2012

Starseed – Return

(scene: Fresh Meat and Brooklyn compete in the arena)

Stars Go Dim – Between Here And Now

(scene: The arena competition ends)

Jeff LeBlanc – Heart Of Gold

(scene: Eric and Devyn say goodbye to each other)

Mikey Sabatella – 2000 Miles Away

(scene: TJ congratulates the winning team)

Downstait – End Of The Story

(scene: TJ explains the trivia challenge)

The Illness – Defenestration

(scene: The trivia challenge begins with Challenge Trivia)

Phantods – Crime

(scene: TJ asks the challengers trivia questions)

Darling Down – Life Without You

(scene: TJ begins asking sports trivia)

Kingsley – The Game

(scene: TJ begins asking U.S. currency trivia)

Nations Afire – Exit Strategy

(scene: The power team is announced, and TJ tells the challengers they can go home to decide who to send into the arena)

Kacey Chadwick – Too Much (Is Never Enough)

(scene: Preston and McKenzie talk about their arena options)

Architects – Stay Young Forever

(scene: TJ announces the start of the arena competition)

The Dreaming – End In Tears

(scene: Two teams compete in the arena)

Montana 1948 – Backhand

(scene: TJ congratulates the winning team)

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