Music from The Challenge Battle of the Seasons Episode 2

Featured Artist: Reachback

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 The Challenges: Battle of the SeasonsAirdate: September 26, 2012

Ocelot Robot – Dead Celebrity

(scene: Jasmine and Ashley compete)

Camo & Krooked (feat. TC) – Get Dirty

(scene: Jasmine and Ashley compete)

Chad Perrone – Monster

(scene: Melinda tells Alton that she misses her boyfriend at home, especially having to see Danny.  Danny tells Knight that he’s got a great lady at home)

Otto’s Daughter – Count The Bruises

(scene: Zach and Dustin compete)

N3XTST3P – Man vs. machine

(scene: Knight and JD compete)

The Dollyrots – Twist Me To The Left

(scene: Sam and Jemmye compete)

The Last Call Casualties – Home Is Where The Hell Is

(scene: Frank and Derek compete)

Taproot – Take It

(scene: Teams compete)

Crown The Lost – In Defiance of Sanctity

(scene: Dustin and Robb compete)

Abrahma – Dandelion Dust

(scene: Marie and Cara Maria compete)

Downstait – This Is My Life

(scene: Danny and Trey compete)

Blue Stahli  – Metamorphosis

(scene: Melinda and Laura compete)

Element 57 – Swept Away

(scene: TJ congratulations the teams on finishing the challenge, and announces that San Diego is the new power team)

Lauryn Vyce & Virtuosyk – Loose

(scene: The challengers go out to drink, dance, and let loose)

Exit 59 (feat. Dani Vaile) – Stand Up

(scene: Knight tries to apologize to Jemmye for cheating on her, but she doesn’t want to hear it)

Evans Blue – Sick Of It

(scene: The challengers walk into the arena, where TJ explains the endurance game)

Reachback – No One Else

(scene: Fresh Meat and Austin compete in the arena endurance game)

Stuedabakerbrown – Even Jesus

(scene: TJ sends Danny and Melinda home for losing in the arena)

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