Music from The Challenge Battle of the Season Episode 4

Featured Artist: Stephanie Mabey


 The Challenges: Battle of the SeasonsAirdate: October 10, 2012

The Beat Geeks – Party In The Air

(scene: Montage of the challengers partying on a boat)

The Radiance Effect – Happy Foo

(scene: The challengers receive their next challenge clue)

National Skyline – Stick With Me

(scene: Las Vegas goes swimming to find Nany’s clothes, and Frank worries that Knight has created unnecessary enemies)

Aiden – Hysteria

(scene: The challengers arrive at the Don’t Weigh Me Down challenge)

Painkiller Hotel – If I Only Knew

(scene: TJ explains the challenge)

Automatic Static – Keys To Heaven

(scene: Don’t Weigh Me Down Challenge)

Close Your Eyes – Empty Hands

(scene: The challengers compete)

Jenny Ray – Firestarter

(scene: Devyn worries she’ll be in the arena next)

The Memorials – Heavyweight

(scene: Eric works hard to hang onto his team’s heavy rock bin)

Hypertoxic – Take Me

(scene: The challengers compete. Frank and Trishelle have a disagreement)

Baan (ft. Ear Jerker) – Sobrando

(scene: The challengers go to a bar to drink and dance)

Stephanie Mabey – I Pushed The Button

(scene: Devyn and Eric bond at the bar)

Ryan McAllister – Winding Road

(scene: Jemmye tells Knight that Nany is upset by something he called her)

Jenny Ray – If You See Her

(scene: Jemmye knows she made the right decision in breaking up with Knight)

Parade of Lights – Tonight’s The Night

(scene: Jemmye asks Devyn about her argument with Eric)

The Mary Dream – Lighten Up

(scene: Knight gives Eric relationship advice)

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