Music from The Challenge Battle of the Exes Episode 9

(Featured Artist: Desoto Jones)

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes Airdate: March 21. 2012

Bellringer – Girl Be The One

(scene: The challengers party at a bar.  CT and Diem celebrate their two Power Couple wins in a row)

Rick Seibold – My Best

(scene: Robin talks to CT and Ty about going into the dome)

Oh No Not Stereo – Carnivores

(scene: Mark decides to bring out his original 1995 Road Rules bandana for good luck in the dome)

Modern Day Escape – Tiger’s Blood

(scene: Robin and Camila compete in the dome)

TesseracT – The Impossible – Concealing Fate, Pt. 3

(scene: Mark and Johnny compete in the dome)

Desoto Jones – She Hit The Wall

(scene: Mark defeats Johnny in the dome, making Johnny and Camila the victors)

Water And Bodies – Moments In A Life

(scene: As TJ sends Mark and Robin home, Mark reflects on his 17 years on The Challenge)

The Lost Chorus – Atlantic Pacific

(scene: TJ tells the remaining challengers that they’re officially in the final and that they should get some rest)

Play For Keeps – Miss Melissa

(scene: The challengers pack their bags and head to Iceland)

Charity Vance  – The World Spins

(scene: CT and Diem discuss their fears about the final challenge)

Return To Earth – A New Sound

(scene: TJ welcomes to the challengers to the final challenge: Viking Quest)

Smoke Keepers – Narcotic

(scene: The challengers compete in the dog sledding portion of the final challenge)


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