Music from The Challenge Battle of the Exes Episode 8

(Featured Artist: Jealousy Curve)

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes
Airdate: March 14, 2012

Rains – So Easily

(scene: Ty/Emily and Paula/Dunbar enter the dome)

Quarterfly – Taken By Surprise

(scene: TJ explains the Hall Pass dome challenge to Ty/Emily and Paula/Dunbar)

Fake Figures – Something Deadly

(scene: Emily and Paula battle each other in the Hall Pass dome challenge)

Montana 1948 – One Last Drink

(scene: Ty and Emily win the Hall Pass dome challenge, and Paula and Dunbar say goodbye

London – Enough

(scene: TJ sends Paula/Dunbar home, and Ty and Paula say goodbye to each other in the dome)

Chris August – Going To Paradise

(scene: Johnny and Camila wonder about the next challenge)

Our Lives In Motion – Race Against Time

(scene: Johnny and Camila compete in the airplane challenge)

Jealousy Curve – This Is For Your Own Destruction

(scene: Johnny and Camila compete in the airplane challenge.  Johnny is frustrated that Camila is holding him back)

Close Your Eyes – Hope Slips Away (The World Is Ours To Change)

(scene: Mark and Robin compete in the airplane challenge)

Starseed – Falling

(scene: Ty and Emiy compete in the airplane challenge)

NameSake – A Million Good Reasons

(scene: The challengers wave goodbye to CT and Diem as they win Power Couple and leave the challenge in a jet)

LA Velvet – Broken

(scene: Ty tells CT and Diem that he’s happy they won the airplane challenge because they deserved it more than anyone else)


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