Music from The Challenge Battle of the Exes Episode 4

(Featured Artist: The Midi Mafia)

The Challenge: Battle of the ExesAirdate: February 15, 2012 

Curious – Dream With You Again

(scene: CT and Jasmine have a heart to heart about having to work with their exes)

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! – Captain Blood

(scene: Rachel and Aneesa compete in the log challenge)

Desoto Jones – Swimming The Current

(scene: Ty and Emily compete in the log challenge)

Design The Skyline – Witch Of The Woods

(scene: Paula and Dunbar compete in the log challenge)

The Girlfriend Season – She’s So Hollywood

(scene: TJ announces that Johnny/Camila and Ty/Emily are going to the final to determine today’s power couple)

The Kinzie Affair – Weigh Us Down

(scene: Johnny and Camila eat dinner together and enjoy their victory)

Midi Mafia – Bottles

(scene: Everyone goes out to a club to drink and dance. CT and Diem get close, and Paula and Ty do, too)

Otep – Unveiled

(scene: TJ explains the dome challenge to Tyrie/Jasmine and Rachel/Aneesa)

The Jefferson – Days Are Falling

(scene: Rachel and Aneesa win the dome challenge)

Manic Bloom – Betrayer

(scene: Rachel and Aneesa rejoin the group, and TJ tells Tyrie and Jasmine that they’re going home)


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