Music from the Buckwild Season Premiere

Featured Artist: Heavy Young Heathens

BUCKWILDAirdate: January 3, 2013

Heavy Young Heathens – Teenage Vamp

(Theme Song)

The Five Tones – Coming Home

(Show Open)

The Wildbirds – 421

(Show Open)

The Cadillac Black – Days of Gold

(Show Open)

The Wildbirds – 421

(scene: The Girls pick up Cara from Morgan Town)

The Diamond Light – Dusty Walls

(scene: Shain rolls down the hill in a tire)

Bottleneck – Runnin’ A Buck

(scene: Mudding)

Bottleneck – Sweet Thang

(scene: They get towed out of the mud)

The Midi Mafia – Small Town Girl

(scene: Transition back to the city)

Pony Up! – Kick You To The Curb

(scene: Transition to the swimming hole)

Lego Johnson – On the Bridge

(scene: Swimming in water)

The Mansion Boys – Go Out Tonight

(scene: Girls get ready in house for the party)

Da Enforcerz – Tonight

(scene: The cast throw a party)

Northern League – Durty

(scene: The guys arrive at the party)

The Beat Geeks – Get Down

(scene: Cara flirts with Shain and Tyler)

Sizzle C – I Like Dem Girls

(scene: Party continues at the house)

Southpaw Swagger – Make the Party Loud

(scene: They try calming Anna down)

The Five Tones – My Grave

(scene: The cast hangs out at Shain’s house)

Moonshine Bandits (feat. Pruno) – Whiskey in my Soul

(scene: The girls get evicted)

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