Music from the Buckwild Episode 2

 Featured Artist: The Kicks

BUCKWILD – Airdate: January 3, 2013

Heavy Young Heathens – Teenage Vamp

(Theme Song)

The Five Tones – Coming Home

(Show Open)

The Wildbirds – 421

(Show Open)

Coyote Kolb – Cockroach Blues

(scene: At the Girls House)

We Cry Diamonds – Oh My My My Oh

(scene: The Girls get ready to move out the house)

Bottleneck – Take Me Home

(scene: Transition to the country and their new house)

Zach Williams and the Reformation – Gravy Train

(scene: Joey and Shain ride in the back of the dump truck)

Megha Maan & Jumpshot Jones – Be There Tonight

(scene: The girls go to Rehab)

Impirio and Cru – Out of My Way

(scene: Girls hang out in the club)

The Kicks – This Feeling

(scene: Tyler and Cara kiss and decide to keep their relationship on the DL)

Ganstagrass (feat Aint No Love) – Our Life

(scene: Shain, Shae, Ashley tour the town)

Black Pistol Fire – Stripes or Keys

(scene: Shain and Joey arrive at the house with the dump truck)

Khristian B – Doing my Thing

(scene: They all jump into the dump truck)

Northern League – Sexy Girl

(scene: Jello Body Shots)

The Ettes – You Can’t Do That To Me

(scene: Katie tells Anna that Tyler and Cara made out in her bed)

The Shakers – Bad Thing

(scene: Cara drives off)

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