Music from the 16 and Pregnant Season 4 Finale

Featured Artist: Strand of Oaks


16 and PregnantAirdate: May 29, 2012

Strand of Oaks – Last to Swim

(scene: Kristina talks rides in her friends car and talks about Todd)

Noah Gundersen – Garden

(scene: Kristina sits down and talks with Todd’s parents about his passing)

Helen Austin – Bandaid

(scene: Kristina fills out baby shower invitations)

Thom Flowers – Pale Blue

(scene: Kristina talks to her mom on the phone)

Strand of Oaks – Bonfire Pt. 1

(scene: Kristina and her mom talk about Todd’s death)

Broken Cities – Strumming Bass

(scene: Kristina lays in the hospital bed while her mother tries to console her)

Marc Robillard – Come By Now

(scene: Kristina looks at pictures of her new born baby)

Michele Jusko – Walk Away

(scene: Kristina’s mother comes over to visit after Kristina home from the hospital)

16 Frames – Bed On Time

(scene: Kristina gives the baby a bath)

Ohbijou – Scalpel Blade

(scene: Kristina goes to her therapy session)

Steve Emerson – Looking Ahead

(scene: Show closing)

+ Critically aclaimed artist Strand of Oaks began tonight’s episode of 16 & Pregnant with his deep and powerful song “Last To Swim”. Check out the video below

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