Music From Teen Wolf: Season 3, Episode 16

Teen Wolf

Featured Artist: The Bloody Beetroots

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Tonight’s episode of Teen Wolf featured a special remix of the theme song, 6 original compositions, and an on-screen cameo during the party scene by the very talented EDMTW3_EP316_1193_R artist/producer The Bloody Beetroots. Get a free download of the remix at and check out the full playlist below.

The Bloody Beetroots  – “Teen Wolf Theme – Alpha Remix”

Bonobo ft. Grey Reverend – “First Fires”
Kira takes a selfie and sees the fox-like apparition in the photo

The Crookes – “Afterglow”
Stiles and Scott are in the hallway and see Kira; Stiles tells Scott to stay away

Golden Suits – “Swimming in ’99”
Ethan overhears about Danny’s party; Aiden and Ethan have a chat about being nice

Blackchords – “Into the Unknown”
Scott comes up to Kira in the hall and she reveals her talent of conjuring fox shapes in photographs

The Bloody Beetroots – “35 (Radio)”
Ethan shows Danny the black light set up

The Bloody Beetroots ft. Dennis Lyxzen – “Church of Noise”
Beginning of party; Isaac and Allison open the door

Congorock & Nom de Strip – “Minerals”
Party continues; Danny sees Onis; Ethan gets ice

The Bloody Beetroots & Greta Svabo Bech – “Chronicles of a Fallen Love”
Stiles, Scott, and Kira enter the party– Stiles gets kissed; Scott sees Allison

Above and Beyond ft. Richard Bedford – “A Thing Called Love (Andrew Bayer Remix)”
Stiles, and Caitlyn & Isaac and Allison talk at the party

The Bloody Beetroots ft. Penny Rimbaud – “A Prayer”
Lydia sees Onis; Isaac & Allison dance; shot of Lydia on the balcony

Adrian Lux – “Damaged (Radio Edit)”
Scott and Kira on a roof

South Central – “Bass Monster”
Finding all the backwards 5s adn Derek returns

The Bloody Beetroots – “The Source (Chaos & Confusion)”
Derek shows up and kicks everyone out

Snow Ghosts – “The Hunted”
Final scenes– Argent is injured and Stiles figures out the lock and key


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