Music from Teen Wolf: Season 3, Episode 15

Teen Wolf

Featured Artist: Echosmith


Bad Bad Hats – “It Hurts”
Stiles in locker room calling Scott

Dino Meneghin – “Teen Wolf Theme Song”

Lovett – “Heartattack”
Stilles and Scott walk to the lockers; Scott sees Kira

Oh Mercy – “Fever”
Lydia and Aiden try to make out in the guidance counselor’s office

Nico Vega – “Whitchy Night”
Coach finds Kira in the library with her headphones on

Cardiknox – “Wayfarers”
Kira’s dad tells Kira he invited Scott to dinner

Cardiknox – “Where I’m Headed”
Kira helps Scott with chopsticks

Houses – “The Beauty Surrounds”
Scott talks to his mom on the phone; Kira surprises him with pizza

Churchill – “Change”
Isaac takes his shirt off; Allison takes her shirt off, too

Echosmith – “Bright”
Kira walks Scott out to his bike after dinner


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