Music from Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 4


Featured Artist:  Black Box Revelation

+ Download Featured Song “Skin” from Black Box Revelation click here +

Teen Wolf – Airdate: June 24, 2013

Dino Meneghin – Teen Wolf Theme Song

Battle Tapes – Made

(scene: Isaac chases after the twins during cross country practice)

Celldweller – Shapeshifter feat. Styles of Beyond

(scene: Cora works out in Derek’s loft)

Galantis – Raveheart

(scene: Derek and Cora fighting the alphas at Derek’s loft)

Black Box Revelation – Skin  [ click for Free Download ]

(scene: Allison hotwires motorcycle)

Bais Haus – H.O.T.S.

(scene: Scott taunts Twins at school)

The Bloody Beetroots (feat. Tai & Bart B More) – Spank

(scene: Isaac races a motorcycle down hallway at school

mum – Loksins Erum Vi? Engin

(scene: Lydia draws a picture of a tree)

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