Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 9

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: The Ready Set

Clouds and Thorns – Everything is Possible Now
Brianna and her mom take Braeson to the park.

Magic Bronson – Clouds
Rachel is happy in her current relationship with Jacob.

SVANA – Last Confession
Kiaya and Teazha have a heart to heart conversation.

Lost Kin – A Little Different
Ashley is annoyed Bar keeps calling while she’s in LA.

JOVVI – Falling Slowly
Kayla is emotional after Luke decides what school he wants to attend.

Chloe Tang ft. Thoreau– Take Care
Brianna gets overwhelmed by Braeson’s energy.

Brittany Pfantz – Watch Me Now
Brianna and her mom baby-proof the house.

PRESSYES – Carry Me Away
Rachel hangs out with her brother at their grandma’s house.

Desta French – Beautiful Kind
Ashley returns from LA.

midnight – Archon Reprise
Kayla goes bowling with her friend.

The House on Monterey – A Return
Kayla talks to her friend about her unhappiness.

The Ready Set – Feeling Something
Kiaya gets ready to visit her baby’s father.

Goldmyth – Has To Be Better
Kiaya and her cousin drive to the prison.

Barcelona – Heal
Brianna wants to take more time for herself.

The Flavr Blue – New Kind of Vibe
Brianna takes Braeson to swim class.

Van Damsel – 21st Century
Rachel plans to meet up with Drew.

The Donnies The Amys– Empty Threats
Rachel is afraid to tell Jacob about Drew.

DEM YUUT – Dawn Sea
Kayla and Luke have lunch.

SHEARE – Tidal Wave
Kayla tells Luke that she chooses the next place they move to.

Leo the Kid – Better Than Me
Kiaya talks to her cousin about her visit with her baby’s father.

Tiny Deaths – The Tide
End Montage.

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