Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 8

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: LEO ISLO

BOYTOY – Your Girl
Rachel is excited for her upcoming 17th birthday.

LEO ISLO – Blame
Stephan tells his girlfriend, Madison, some exciting news.

Lexxi Saal – As I Go
Kayla has a gender reveal party.

Rolder West – On My Own
Ashley is happy Bar got a car.

SVANA – Last Confession
Brianna gets admitted into the hospital.

Ghostas – Automatic Lover
Rachel has a birthday party with her family.

Shannon LaBrie – Bloom
Kayla is upset that Stephan isn’t coming to his scheduled visit.

Eddy I. – Aurora
Kiaya talks to X’Zayveon on the phone.

Vega Heartbreak – I Know
Bar drives over to Ashley’s mom’s house.

Know-Madik – My Whole Life’s a Party
Ashley’s mom has a birthday party.

LEO ISLO – Modern Fiction
Brianna is stressed after getting her first hospital bill.

Magic Bronson – Shivers
Rachel feels guilty about the way she acted during her birthday party.

Angus Powell – Us
Kiaya is approved to visit X’Zayveon in prison.

Tony Pops – Know My Name
Brianna doesn’t know how to go forward with Braeson’s biological dad.

Halo Sol – Ride
Ashley, Bar, and Holly go bowling.

Lexxi Saal – I Like It Dangerous
End Montage.

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