Music From Teen Mom Young & Pregnant: Season 2, Episode 7

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant
Featured Artist: HRDLY

Eddy I. – Highlights
Bar doesn’t approve of Ashley’s revealing outfit.

Simple Thieves – Fighter
Brianna talks about the possibility of going after child support.

Ghostas – Going Down
Rachel is upset her dad stopped talking to her.

Rolder West – Until My Heart
Kiaya talks about being a new mom.

Tiny Deaths – Always
Kayla and Stephan facetime.

Know-Madik – New Wave
Ashley and her friends go to clubs in Las Vegas.

King Rose – There’s a Fire Inside
Rachel watches Hazelee spit up.

The Flavr Blue – Feathers
Brianna talks to a lawyer about her parental options.

FOE x Ginseng – Can’t Tell Me Nada
Kiaya doesn’t want X’Zayveon’s mom to get any grandmother rights.

KingFlexx – All Out
Ashley talks to her sister about her relationship with Bar.

Ceschi – Lost Touch
Kayla gets ready for her meeting with Stephan.

Lost Kin – We’ve Got To Run
Rachel’s sister is nervous about an upcoming paternity test.

Charlotte Black – SYCL
Emerson gets her DNA tested.

Betty Moon – Believer
Brianna doesn’t know how to go forward with Braeson’s biological dad.

HRDLY – Magic
End Montage.

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